September 1

Lecture notes and comments

Week #1

Date: September 1

Outline: Attached to this post are the notes that I took during my second day of class (NMD 100 Journal). The lecture was given by the director of the New Media department Dr. Owen Smith, who is currently on sabbatical but whose recorded lecture from last year we watched during class. I found it very helpful and instructive, mainly because he was outlining what we were going to need to accomplish in the years ahead.

He started off by giving some history about the program itself; the origins of the program, the original focus and direction, and the resources and faculty they had to work with. He then went on to talk about the classes we would need to take our first couple of semesters, and warning us that there would be classes that we would not like or find interesting. He mentioned that we would have to take a broad array of courses until later in our career, when we will then get to choose a focus or two to specify in.

Comments: Though we didn’t get the chance to finish the video, I found the lecture entertaining and extremely helpful. It gave me a much clearer picture of what my next three semesters are going to look like, and I appreciate that very much.

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