September 3

Lecture notes and comments

Week #1

Date: September 3

Outline: For this lecture, we had been given an assignment by our instructor Bill Kuykendall, due two days previous ,that asked us to define in our terms what New Media is to us personally. During today’s lecture, Bill showed a slide show that displayed the entire classes’ definition of New Media one by one, including a picture with a name for each definition. It was a neat assignment, making me really think about what I pictured as “New Media”, but the slide show was even more interesting.

With the slide show, you could see the broad spectrum of beliefs and definitions for New Media. We all knew that each of us had a different definition for the term, but seeing it up on the white board was a powerful example of the all-encompassing nature of the definition of New Media.

Comments: I wondered as I watched all the faces and paragraphs go by if we were asked the same question at the end of the semester, would we still have such a radical spectrum of answers for the question? Even at the end of the year? Or when we get our degree? My guess would be that the spectrum would remain very close to what we saw on the board in our first week of classes in the New Media program. It will be interesting to see if I’m right.




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