September 10

Lecture notes and comments

Week #2

Date: September 10

Outline: In today’s lecture, given by my instructor Bill Kuykendall, we learned about four out of five of the attributes of New Media. Here are my notes for the lecture NMD 100 Journal Sept. 10.

In this lecture, I liked the methodical and logical progression that Bill used in his slide show to illustrate the points he was talking about. His slides were colorful and artsy, which made them fun to look at. Almost every slide had a visual that pertained to the topic of the slide, giving a clear example of what he was discussing. The important parts he wanted us to understand he highlighted in a different color, which made understanding his point and taking notes on his presentation very easy, allowing me the student to comprehend more easily the topic that was being discussed.

One thing I found interesting was the information on digital photography, a subject that I know almost nothing about. The process of digitization, like a t.v. uses to convert packets of energy into colors and pictures, I was slightly familiar with. I wasn’t aware that this exact same process is used in a digital camera. Quantification was new vocabulary as well. This word refers to the 8-bit system that was used previously as a palate for color that they system could choose from, which has now evolved into the 24-bit system; eight bit for blue, eight bit for green, and eight bit for red. Useful information I could use next time I go camera shopping.

Comments: The presentation continued, talking about aspects such as modularity, automation, and variability. The big aspect out of the three was the variability, which is basically production on demand. This seems like a very important aspect to understand if you want to use New Media in a business environment, which is one of my goals. This is one aspect that I would like to study further and learn more about in the coming years of my New Media career at UMaine.

All in all, a very interesting lecture.




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