September 15

Lecture notes and comments

Week #3

Date: September 15

Outline: Today in class, we were given the syllabus for this semester, which we were told could be changed at any point, and probably will be. Personally, I’m quite glad we received this schedule, as it makes it much easier to see what lectures are coming up in the future, and so that I can quickly reference what we talked about in class on a previous date.

After this,we went on to talk about an upcoming project in the later half of the semester called the “sound-image project”. It ends up looking a lot like a music video, because the idea of the project is to make a collaboration of music and pictures, that you either drew, took, or got off the internet, and sync the two pieces together. It is worth a good chunk of our grade, so I was glad i we went over it early so I could begin thinking of what I will do for my project.

Comments: Not only did they talk about the project, but they showed us examples of what they were looking for in a good project, and told us why the projects were good in their opinion. A lot of the projects shown were down with a tablet, and only a couple were done with a digital camera. I know I definitely did not want to just grab photos off the internet, so I began thinking on what I wanted to do.

At this stage of my thinking, I want to do a stop-motion animation project with a digital camera I can borrow from the library. I’ve seen some cool effects done on using these techniques, which I hope to experiment with and test to see if I will be able to pull this off. The only flaw in my plan right now is I don’t know who will do the photography, but I’ll figure that out closer to when the project is due.

A good start to what I hope to be a very good project.




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