September 8

Lecture notes and comments

Week #2

Date: September 8

Outline: Today’s lecture brought a lot of information with it. Attached is a copy of the notes I took in class NMD 100 Journal Sept. 8. It was on a man I had never known about until I’d read the assigned reading over the weekend pertaining to Vin Crosbie’s view on New Media. While the man himself was interesting, I found his views on New Media fascinating.

One point he discusses is society’s traditional idea of what a “medium” is, and how he disagrees with the traditional viewpoint. He argues that magazines, television, radio, or even computers are not media, but rather are simply “vehicles for media”. At first, I thought this idea was a little strange, but it seemed to make sense. However, I wasn’t totally convinced.

He goes on to talk about different aspects of what he believes to be “communication media”, like roads, boats, and planes, or technology that allows us to communicate with one another across great distances and through terrain that we would not be able to cross otherwise. This makes sense to me, though I see them as more a mode of transportation than an actual communication media.

Comments: The lecture went on to describe how our age is the are of mass media. It is the communication of ideas from one person to many, with little feedback allowed. I find this a little scary, because it seems to me that this is a very accurate representation of what our society is like today. Advertisers, politicians, corporate giants, and more can send the same message to a multitude of people in the blink of an eye. It’s all very structured, and it’s a very impersonal way of communicating with your audience. Vin Crosbie would agree with this statement, being a part of his theory on where technology is headed.

Crosbie believes that “New Media” will not overcome the old media, but rather integrate into it over time. Since this is something we have seen in the past, such as the continuation of radio even after the success of the television, I find myself agreeing with this statement. I can see the New Media giving the old media a new outlet, and in some cases a much larger audience than it ever had before. It may sacrifice personalization of the medium, but the distribution increases exponentially. I can easily see this in our future. How will it be done? I don’t know. At least not yet.




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