A Strong Password Isn’t the Strongest Security

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Week #2

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the article “A Strong Password Isn\’t the Strongest Security” by Randall Stross.

Comments: Online security has never been extremely crucial to me, because I’m quite naive when it comes to the subject of identity theft and stolen information. I’ve never had it happen to me, and the information I keep online I don’t see as information that someone would be willing to risk jail time to take from me. Therefore, I’ve become very lazy and lax on the position of internet passwords. But I am a big fan of short passwords.

Because I am a fan of the short, easy to remember, personalized password, I agree with the arguments these men have voiced to websites across the board. I think lengthy passwords full of restrictions and a required update at certain intervals is silly and ridiculous. I find it interesting that the research these men have done seems to agree with my statement. If you think about it from a thief’s perspective, though, it makes a good deal of sense. If you have a long, complicated password, odds are you’d have to write it down in order to remember it. That makes it simple for someone to simply scan your documents for these important keywords, and then use your information at will.

From a New Media perspective, I think this shows a new awareness of how effective an old tool/method of internet security actually is, and having the technology available to help us find a new solution to the old, unreliable methods shows the growth of New Media in a practical area such as security. There is definite opportunity for exploration and research done on other outdated methods of anti-theft and anti-virus programming as well. A very thought provoking article all together.




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