All Together Now, to Each His Own Sync

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Week #2

Title: In this post, I will be commenting on the article “All Together Now, to Each His Own Sync” by Anand Griridharadas.

Comments: I found this article a little whiny. The information was all there and seemed factually accurate, but the way it was presented seem to favor one side more than the other. And not just the usually subjectivity that you find, but a noticeable bias towards the worry of becoming “detached” through too much inner synchronicity. I found this a little annoying, because it distracted me from the topic that was being discussed.

The topic, however, I found very interesting. I personally think that our modern technology is pushing us towards a global society, and a global culture, rather than a regional culture that has existed for so long. However, I don’t believe that the regional association will be totally overwhelmed by this new global society. Rather I think that the two will merge together into something distinctly new and different than we’ve ever see before.

From a New Media perspective, this article shows a good example of two sides of an argument, one on the positive aspect of change and the other on the negative side of it. However, regardless if the change is good or bad, it’s change. And that’s what New Media is all about.




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