Bold Ideas Inspire New Life for Magazines

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Week #2

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the article “Bold Ideas Inspire New Life for Magazines” by Jeanne Carstensen.

Comments: I myself have never really been a magazine person, but I have found myself thinking time to time of what is going to happen to the magazine in the future as we move more and more into a internet-based world that gets its entertainment from the web. After reading this article, I can see know that innovation never fails to leave anything special behind in the metaphorical dust.

The switch to making magazines more personalized is a great idea, because you can then tailor to a specific audience and provide them with material you know they will understand and love, and forget about anyone who is outside of your target audience. It makes it much easier to find exactly what you want or need, and gives companies a definitive group of consumers they can then tailor their product to.

I found the idea of a live theater version of a magazine to be absolutely brilliant. The thought had never even occurred to me, but the simplicity and the brilliance was immediately apparent. To combine the classic aesthetic appeal of a magazine and the entertaining aspect of live theater makes for a terrific combo. I wonder which subscription I would choose to watch?

From a New Media perspective, this is a way for a dying industry to be reborn into something new and different, and therefore something that audiences  and consumers will want to experience and enjoy. Again we see the blend of something new with something old, and the result is something entirely different.




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