“Computers as Invisible as the Air”

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Week #1

Title: In this post, I will be reflecting on the article “Computers as Invisible as the Air” by John Markoff.

Comments: The topic of the article was the evolution of the microchip technology, and its possible continuation of Moore’s law through this evolution in data-storage technology. I found this topic very interesting, because it highlighted the evolution of technology, through companies such as PARC and men such as Steve Jobs, and how they have helped to prove Engelbert and Moore’s theory of Moore’s law, or the exponential increase of computing power coupled with an exponential drop in price. The more time that passes, the more advanced technology becomes. The smaller things get, the more power they provide, and the most cost efficient they become. This has been a trend that has occurred over the past thirty years at least, and as the article hypothesizes, is a trend that will be continued with the discovery of this new technology.

I firmly believe in Moore’s law. To me, it makes a lot of sense. Just from the trend we have seen over the past thirty years, technology will continue to improve, to shrink, and to become even more personalized. This in turn will force scientists to find new ways of providing the required data and power to provide the product at a cost consumers can afford. Then the next leap in technology will occur, and the cycle will start all over again. This continuous loop is very important to the innovation process, and will continue as long as there are resources on this Earth to discover and humans to create the technology.




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