The Future of Journalism as Seen Through Computer Science

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Week #2

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the article “The Future of Journalism as Seen Through Computer Science” by Nicholas Carlson.

Comments: The first thing I thought of when I read this article was “why haven’t they thought of this before?” This concept seems like a really good idea to keep an old career from dying out entirely in this new day and age of modern technology and New Media. It also seems like a more obvious answer, and one that shouldn’t come as a surprise to people. The evolution from the  journalist who relies on others for information to the journalist who can fill her own data base with findings that she collected herself, using modern technology. It seems that more careers than just that of a journalist could really reap the benefits of using a system like this to keep ahead in their field.

When we look at this from a New Media perspective, you see the blend of something old with something new, which is one of the basic definitions of New Media we found in our class discussions. They’ve taken and old career, one of the journalist, and incorporated new technologies and processes that allow the journalist to then do her job in a more efficient way than ever before. This seems like the perfect example of what New Media is, and how it affects our every day lives. A great article.




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