Twitter Revamps Its Web Site

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Week #1

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the article called “Twitter Revamps Its Web Site” by Claire Cain Miller and Miguel Helft.

Comments: I decided to read this article because I know absolutely nothing about Twitter. Really, I don’t know anything. What I do know, is that Twitter is huge. It mentions in the article that Twitter started up in 2006, which means that Twitter has only been in existence for four years. If you look how popular it is now, you can see that the folks who made Twitter did something right. So, I figure that Twitter is important to know about, and decided to read the article.

The thing I found most surprising I saw right off the bat; Twitter’s website wasn’t very good before the update. What? I thought this company was huge, and had millions of people using their service. In the article, it states over 70% of users access Twitter online even though the site had major flaws in how it functioned as a user-friendly environment.

This surprised me, but as I read on it made more sense. The company had grown much quicker than any of the founders has anticipated, so funds had to be used in other areas before the usability of the site could be considered. I guess this makes sense, but they also said that the new site will be beneficial to advertisers because of the better layout on the page. You would think that ease of advertising would be a number one concern, especially for a company trying to keep its site from crashing.

Though it was a little alarming to learn that Twitter had so many flaws on their website, it was an educational experience for me as I got a first look at Twitter, and how their making changes for the future. Maybe it’s better that I haven’t tried Twitter before this, or else I would have had to suffer along with everybody else.




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