Your Brain on Computers – Digital Devices Deprive Your Brain of Needed Downtime

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Week #1

Title: In this post I’ll be commenting on the article “Your Brain On Computers – Digital Devices Deprive the Brain of Needed Downtime” by Matt Richtel

Comments: I found this article fascinating. Being a long-distance runner, I love to run with my mp3 player or IPod blasting techno as I run for 30 minutes to and hour. Reading this, however, I could see how this could hinder my brain from getting that much needed rest. During our cross country practices, I would never listen to music because I would be running with a friend. Thinking back on it, I can see the difference between those times when I was running without my music blaring and when I was simply running.

I had also heard of the memory issue before. I believe this to be true as well. It makes sense that the brain would need some time to process what it had just learned, and to then internalize it so the next time it does that activity, it can remember what had been done before and improve upon it. Sleep is important for that very same reason, along with the fact that we need sleep to survive.

As to how this impacts New Media, I would say that this study occurred because of the  abundance of mental stimulae in our modern society. Because of the constant evolution and growth of New Media technologies, we can literally be busy twenty-four hours a day. This article serves as a warning to all of us media enthusiasts that every now and then, it’s nice just to take a break.




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