October 1

Lecture notes and comments

Week #5

Date: October 1

Outline: Today’s lecture was given by our instructor, Bill Kuykendall. He spoke of the sequence of courses that we will be taking later on down the road in our new media career.

Comments: The lecture today was helpful. I liked being able to see the layout of what I would be doing in the years to come, and getting the chance to start thinking about what classes I want to take later in my career. However, that wasn’t the main focus of the lecture, though I believe it was the main message that Bill was trying to get across. The lecture mainly consisted of Bill showing us a project that one of the classes did, and what the significance to the program was.

The project was a two week trip to Machias, where the students had to engross themselves in the society and culture of Machias and photograph them living their lives. The goal was to tell a story in a striking and creative way through the sequence of photographs taken on their trip. The collection of photos was very impressive, and stunningly beautiful too. However, I have very little experience with that medium, so i couldn’t take as much from the lecture as opposed to others in the class who already knew some of the basics of photography.

How did that project tie in with new media? I think that that project showed how you can implement new media technologies to do in-depth reporting and data collecting all on your own. It is a way to reinvigorate the faltering career of journalism using new media. A good lecture.




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