October 4

Lecture notes and comments

Week #6

Date: October 4

Outline: Today, we had a guest speaker. Her name is Joline Blais, and teaches here at the University of Maine. She did her lecture today on how the educational system has robbed us of qualities humans as a race used to depend on everyday, and how new media is bringing back those qualities and ways of life through social networks. We were asked not to use our laptops, so I have no typed notes to add here.

Comments: I’m going to go right out and say it; during this lecture class, I felt very awkward. I felt this way for many reasons, but it started with the way she began her lecture. She told us first her life story, how she came from a tribal people and how they were destroyed by various factors that were brought about by modern day technologies. This made me feel awkward because it was like we were obligated to feel sorry for her right off the bat. It was a strange way to start a lecture, and got me off on the wrong foot.

Next, she went on to describe some of the factors that tribal peoples take very seriously that we are taught to avoid when we go through the public school system. Her main point was touching. Now, I agree with her completely, and how awkward the atmosphere got when she began to go around and touch people’s hair and faces proved her point very elegantly. But it made me feel extremely awkward. I’ve never been a big fan of other people touching me, so I was too busy worrying about whether she was going to come towards me to really appreciate the message she was trying to get across to us.

The lecture then went on in a better direction when she showed how social media has begun to remedy the wounds that the education system has done to our instincts as human beings. This I found interesting, but I still felt awkward because of the way she would ask for feedback from the class after terrorizing a good portion of the class, and no one would answer.

How did her message pertain to new media? Her argument was that social media was bringing about values that we had lost because of the educational system, which I found valid. It was just the presentation of her point which bothered me, and a good portion of the class as well. Not my favorite lecture.




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