September 22

Lecture notes and comments

Week #4

Date: September 22

Outline: For this lecture, we had a guest speaker. Her name was Sheradon Kelly, and she spoke with us about some of the things she had done in the new media field in her life. Here are my notes on this lecture. Journal for September 22

During the lecture, Kelly talked about her experience in the film side of new media, more specifically the 3D animated movies that she made throughout her career. She started off in a totally different field, which was painting, but through a series of events ended up taking the inter-media graduate program at the University of Maine. While finishing her degree, she got invested in the film industry and made a company with a friend called Knife Edge Productions. They made films for the engineering department of UMaine, the governor, and others.

Comments: I myself have never really worked closely with the medium of film. I found her life story interesting mainly because of the fact that she made her own company around new media, not  because she worked with film. My dad owns his own small automotive repair shop, so I can sympathize with someone who owns their own business. I found it inspiring to see how much success she had achieved so soon outside of college, which was a nice message to deliver to first year new media students.

So how does this lecture pertain to new media? I see it as a success story, a story that we can look to and strive towards as we continue through our new media career. It is a real world application of what she had learned through the program here at UMaine. A nice lecture overall.




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