September 27

Lecture notes and comments

Week #5

Date: September 27

Outline: For today’s lecture, we had Nate Aldritch come in and speak to us. He is a professor here at the University of Maine, and has done many experiments that combine artistic creativity and new media technologies and principles. Here are my notes on the lecture. Journal for September 27

Comments: This lecture was cool. There are many other ways to describe it, like intellectually stimulating, thought provoking, challenging your views on society and culture, but the best word to describe it is cool.

I found that I connected to Aldritch because of his musical background. I originally had thought during high school that I wanted to be a music major, but decided against it later on in my career. Because of this, I could connect with his passion for music, and that made what his life story was a little more interesting than some of the other lecturers we’ve had in the past.

Another thing I found very interesting was what he was trying to prove with each experiment. Specifically how his message and idea of what each experiment was supposed to be and what it was supposed to say to the viewer changed with every experiment. He stayed within a certain theme, using “music” as a medium with which to show how the exhibit was interacting with the environment or itself. This resonated with me, because I had had some of the same thoughts as well when I thought about what I wanted to do in the new media program. I think sound is a great medium, especially music, and the experiments he did were fascinating in how precise his message was he was conveying through his art.

So what might this have to do with new media? His experiments could be described as one man’s exploration of what new media meant to him and to his partners that helped. They could also be described as Aldritch’s method of getting his message of what new media was to him out to those who might not understand new media the way he does. It could be both and more. In my opinion, it’s the last option, because I’m not even sure Aldritch could answer that with absolute certainty. But I see that as just another aspect of new media; everyone has there own view and description of what new media is to them. Yet another good lecture period in NMD 100




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