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Week #5

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the article posted on titled “LinkedIn, the Social Network That Gets Down to Business”  by Miguel Helt.

Comments: This was a really interesting article. Before I read this, I had heard mention of the site, but nothing more. I had thought previously that the only social media tool that businesses were using was Facebook, and maybe on rare occasions Twitter. After reading this article though, it seems almost obvious that the business world would create something that would be more focused and directed towards business and employment, cutting through all the other stuff that simply gets in the way, such as when someone is going to grab lunch in the Union.

I found it very interesting that is a resource that is more than simply a place to post a resume, but can also be used by businesses to find an audience that is tailored to them, and would be interested in what they were doing. The potential benefit of the site is incredible to both the unemployed who are looking for a job, and for the employed who are looking for a chance to further their career. Since businesses can post new openings for jobs where the previous employee got promoted, employees can now look for openings made available through the application of social media such as A really informative article.



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