Why We Blog

Reading comments

Week #5

Title: This post is in response to the blog post posted on http://www.murcha.wordpress.com entitled “20 reasons why students should blog” by Anne Mirtschin.

Comments: This was a clever option for us to read and comment on, because of the fact that we are students, blogging through NMD 100. I liked the blog, especially the format which was easy to navigate. It was also aesthetically pleasing, which reminded me to remedy my own blog of the generic look….

I have never blogged before, and have found it to be an excellent tool in helping me understand new media topics and technologies because of the need to understand it well enough to write about. She is right in saying some deeper thinking is required, or the blog suffers. I definitely feel that desire to make my blog accessible and readable, and therefore I find myself working harder on it than I would on a regular written assignment. I hope to make my own personal blog after I complete this one, continuing to hone my skills as a writer and as a blogger, and becoming a more involved and informed student of new media.




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