Reading comments

Week #4

Title: This post comments on the article found on http://www.nytimes.com called “A Technology World That Centers on the User” by Nick Bilton.

Comments: Most of this article focused on the author’s musings as to what the future of how we view media would be. While I found myself wondering why we this article was given as an option for us to read, I could see that Bilton made some good points in his article. He talks about the different forms of media we have today, and how they correspond with how far away they are from our eyes. For instance, we have a cellphone or and iphone about a foot from our eyes, while a laptop or computer would be about two feet, and a television would be about ten. Bilton hypothesizes that this “1,2,10” theory will be how we view all of our media in the future, and that the technology will be intricate enough to decide what we want to see and what we may have already seen. I agree with him, it’s a logical conclusion; however I didn’t find to much else to the article.

This definitely pertains to the topic of new media by simple association of what new media will be in the future. In Bilton’s view, it will encompass all of the media we view into the old ways of looking at media, which is his “1,2,10” idea. A valid point, and one we should consider as we look where to focus next in media distribution.




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