AdVoice: Forbes’ New Advertising Plan

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Week #4

Title: This post is commenting on an article from called “Forbes’ New Advertising Pitch: Wanna Buy A Blog?” by Micheal Learmonth.

Comments: From what I can see, this is a really good idea. It is new, innovative, and should be effective. It’s true, we should wait to see how it actually works before jumping onto the band wagon. The article mentions that Forbes has not announced a client for their product, so people have begun wondering how transparent the process will be once the idea is sold, but I think this is natural. People will always be hesitant and skeptical about something new and cutting edge, but it shouldn’t take long before other companies follow suite.

From a new media perspective, this new advertising strategy could be the future path for online advertising for large and small companies alike. This puts a lot of importance on this new method of selling blogs for advertising space, and as a student of new media, is definitely something to watch for and pay attention to as we go along with our studies. A nice, concise, and informative article.




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