What is Technology’s Effect on How We Learn?

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Week #4

Title: This post comments on an article found on http://www.nytimes.com called “Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind?” by Jaron Lanier

Comments: This article, while sounding very whiny at times, does bring up some very good points as to how we use technology can effect our ability to properly think in both a technical and non-technical setting. While this seems pretty obvious, it is a very valid point. If we as humans rely too heavily on the technology we create to do the thinking for us, we’ve lost an aspect that makes us different from the machines themselves. I find this scary, and agree that we should be careful with how we use the technology we create.

I don’t agree though with the severity that the author gives this topic though. He makes it sound like we’ve already lost some cosmic battle with the machine, which I do not agree with. I agree that we are leaning towards that conclusion, but I still think we’re a long way from total mental disintegration as a species.

This is an issue that should be kept in mind as we continue our study of new media. It may not be the end of the world quite yet, but there are indicators that we’re headed in that direction. We should make the changes now while it’s still relatively easy to do, and before we can’t tell the difference any longer between man and machine.




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