A.I. or Not to A.I., That is the Question

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Week #7

Title: This article can be found on http://www.nytimes.com called “The First Church of Robotics” by Jaron Lanier.

Comments: This article brought up some serious questions, such as “How do we perceive technology? How about robots? A.I.? And how do our thoughts on all these things affect us and how we think?” While I don’t agree with everything Lanier stated in the article, those questions are very relevant and very important in the field of new media. We as a society need to decide how we should look at A.I., and if there are any other applications of the technology that has simply been labeled with the broad term of “artificial intelligence.” I like how she brought up the point that since we attribute so much achievement to machines that mimic human interaction, this is obviously an aspect of being human that we value. The way Lanier progressed through that idea was very logical and sound. An excellent article.




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