The Quest Continues for the Fountain of Youth

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Week #3

Title: In this post I’ll be commenting on the article found on called “Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday” by Ashlee Vance.

Comments: I find this topic very interesting. Human beings have been searching for the “Holy Grail”, or the “Fountain of Youth” as long as we have records of human civilization. There is something so appealing in the notion of living forever that this quest has continued with us, even to this day. Some people look to religion for the answer, but from this article we can see that perhaps these scientists have turned towards something a little more familiar to them; science and reason. I found this idea of the “singularity” a little idealistic, especially with the technology we have now, but I could see it in the future (if we survive for that long as a species.)

What would this have to do with new media, then? I would argue that since this is obviously something people feel very passionate about, either for or against, it is something that should be well considered today and in the future. The quest towards this goal of eternal life opens up a multitude of options for careers to be created and discoveries in technology and about human society are just waiting to be made. Definitely something to keep an eye on as the research continues.




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