Viral Videos

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Week #7

Title: This post will be commenting on the article found on called “The Top Ten Viral Ads of All Time” by Micheal Learmonth

Comments: All the people I know who have access to the internet have seen some sort of viral video in their lifetime. It’s hard to miss them; they’re everywhere! Therefore I’m not surprised that advertisers were quick to hop onto that bandwagon and take advantage of the distribution power that the internet provides. It’s free advertising (not considering how much it took to film the video,) and in some cases have become a huge success. My favorite part of the article was when you got to see each of the ten videos that were the best in the world for advertising. This technique will certainly continue throughout my career as a new media student, and is an excellent business strategy that far too many people disregard as unprofessional and non-effective. This means more research will have to be done to really pound home the effectiveness of this catchy advertising technique, and this article is a great start.




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