What Effect is Mass Media Having On Us?

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Week #3

Title: I will be commenting on an article that can be found at http://www.nytimes.com called “Mind Over Mass Media” by Stephen Pinker.

Comments: What Pinker discusses in this article are things that I’ve been told to watch out for my whole life. My parents and my teachers throughout grade school would warn us about the dangers of relying too heavily on search engines such as Google, and give us incentive to do projects that did not use power point. To them this new media was scary and unreliable, which Pinker goes into more depth in his article. Because of this ignorance of the new media, they try to keep the newer generations away from it, instead of encouraging us to accept the new technologies that inevitably come with time. I really like what Pinker had to say on this one, and I appreciate his encouraging message to those who still might doubt there is a positive aspect to this new media. There’s good and bad with everything, but if you won’t even try and experience new technology, there isn’t a point in preventing others.




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