October 8

Lecture notes and comments

Week #6

Date: October 8

Outline: For this lecture, we had our T.A. Rylan Shook come in and speak about his career in new media. Here are my notes for the lecture today. Notes for October 8.

Rylan came in today to show us what he had done during his career. He started off his career at the University of Maine as a philosophy undergrad major, as well as taking part in the Honors college experience. During his time as an undergrad, he took a film class in which he wrote his own script, designed the set, and basically ran every aspect of a short production he called “Mailroom.” This is what got him interested in film, and inspired him to enter into the graduate program here at the university called inter media.

Comments: I’ve had very little experience with the medium of film, so I found Rylan’s videos really inspiring. It was great to be able to see some of the artistic ideas he was able to go with and create something pretty incredible with just an idea and a video camera. It was helpful to see the kind of projects he had to work on in the graduate program, which is something I’ve considered doing once I get my bachelors degree. He had a great example of what a good portfolio looks like as well. Even though film probably won’t be my focus, it was helpful to see.




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