Molecular Animation

Reading Response

Week #9

Title: This post will be commenting on an article found on called “Where Cinema and Biology Meet” by Erik Olsen

Comments: The idea that new media and the sciences have just begun to meld is a little startling to me. This article talks about animations that are at most four years old, and the technology to make these animations has been around a lot longer than that. Other than this initial concern, I found what these scientists were doing very admirable. It’s true that in today’s day and age we are flooded with data, and with few means of organizing it and presenting it. This created an excellent opportunity for those students of new media who jumped on that opportunity and created these animations. Though it seems scientists have complaints as to the extent that these animators take artistic license, but for the field of new media this is excellent news. This type of job is one that is going to become more and more important as more and more data needs to be taken and presented in a way that it is efficient and usable to those who need it. This could be the teaching tool of the future.




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