The Inner Life of the Cell Animation

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Week #9

Title: In this post I’ll be commenting on a youtube video called “The Inner Life of the Cell Harvard University HQposted by larsvdl

Comments: This video shows what I reviewed in my previous article, which is the animations created by new media professionals that are also very knowledgeable about their field of study, which in this case is biology. One thing that hit me right away was the quality of the graphics that the animation had. It wasn’t like a lot of other educational material that I had seen in my high school biology classroom. It looked more like something out of a newly released game for the xbox, albeit a game based on cell biology. The video I saw had no narration, but an excellent soundtrack, which added to the overall experience, but did not help with my comprehension of what was going on in the animation. I assume there are other versions of the animation with narration, so I’m not particularly worried. This animation is a great blend of science and new media. I think in the near future, we’re going to see a lot more of videos like these, as we take the information that we’ve gathered over the years and start applying it in a creative and clearly communicated fashion. In the field of new media animation, this is a growing field and one that should not be overlooked by students of new media or anybody else for that matter.




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