Too Much Texting?

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Week #8

Title: In this post I’ll be commenting on the article found on called “Behavior: Texting is Linked to Other Problems” by Roni Caryn Robin.

Comments: I had trouble believing this article. The research sounds legitimate, but it sounds more like a scare tactic than anything else. When I read this article, I could imagine my mother pulling me aside during my high school years after reading this article and questioning me about whether these things happen to me or any of my high school friends. While the research may seem sound, we don’t the extent to which the research has gone into this subject, and brings up questions such as “is this the case across the country, or just for those twenty schools in Ohio?and “is this research bringing up results that correlate, or is it mistaking one problem for another?” The article makes this issue seem very dire, but fails to answer these questions. This will continue to be an issue as the years go on, and there will no doubt be many more concerned parents fretting at their computers over the possible implications of their child’s texting habits. As a new media student, I will wait patiently for more research to be done in this field before I run out and confiscate all the cell phones that I see along my way to class. I’m not holding my breath.




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