Veazie Man Hopes Business is All Downhill

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Week #8

Title: In this post I’ll be commenting on the article found at called “Veazie Man Hopes Business is All Downhill” by Emily Burnham

Comments: This article speaks to me personally because I see a lot of my same thoughts echoed in this article. I enjoy the new media curriculum here at UMaine, but I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to apply what I learn here after I leave and start my own career. I agree with Bagley and his desire to get away from his computer. So much of my time as a new media student is spent in front of my laptop, forced to experience the world around my in small bytes of information. I applaud his entrepreneurial spirit in trying something so radically different from what he was used to. I’m very interested in starting my own business with what I learn in this program, so the appeal is great in taking his path. He did a lot of things right, like making his skis out of all natural products. This is a very inspiring story, and one I plan to take to heart in the years to come.




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