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Week #9

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the animation found on http://www.xvivo.net called “Powering the Cell: Mitochondria” by Harvard University and XVIVO.

Comments: Though this was another of the animations that have been discussed in these past two posts, I found this one a little more interesting because I knew what the animation was showing me, because of the title. This helped a lot, because again there was no narration of the animation, so me as the clueless new media student was at least marginally aware of the information they were trying to show me through the animation. What I liked best about this Diigo post was the multimedia aspect of the website. You had the animation that you could watch, but you also had the written description below and links to other parts of the website where you explore the project further. One of my interests in the field of new media is the application of multimedia. The pleasant aesthetics that the website showed, along with the content, was a good example of how this technology could be used. It was no Media Storm, but it provided an alternative method to learning cell biology that will help countless of frustrated biology students and frustrated members of the general public for years to come.




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