Movie Makers and Movie Goers

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Week #10

Title: In this post I’ll be commenting on the article posted on called “Hitchcock Would’ve Had a Website” by Manhola Dargis

Comments: This article was fun to read and informative, though none of the information was terribly ground breaking for me. The internet is a huge medium of communication, and it seemed only natural to me that movie makers and movie goers would be building stronger connections through this all encompassing medium. I might be biased on this subject, however, because of the generation of which I’m a member. For my generation, we take the internet and all of it’s communicative ability for granted. It seems natural for us that these figures that used to be such an enigma to the general public would be able now to get immediate feedback from the public about their recent film. I assume that this article was directed towards those of an older generation, or those who are not as familiar with the movie industry. There’s nothing wrong with the article, it just wasn’t anything that I would post to my Facebook for all my friends to read. Then again, few things are these days.




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