Multimedia Art History

Reading Comments

Week #10

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the multimedia found at

Comments: I found this site fascinating. As a new media student, one of my favorite aspects of this field is the use of multimedia as a technique to share information or new ideas in a new and interesting way. This is exactly what this site did. Usually, I have no real interest in art history. However, after viewing this site, I found myself wanting to watch more and more. The desire to soak all the information that they provide is very strong after watching just one video. The layout of the website is aesthetically appealing and artfully designed. The videos are interesting, though the speakers that I heard had the annoying habit of tripping over each others words like it was a race. Other than that minor complaint, I really enjoyed this site and plan to revisit it in the future. As a possible field for me to go into as a new media student, this is an excellent example of the work that is being done in this field. It displays the strength of this medium very well. Before viewing the site, I thought it was going to be exactly the same as, but it had a different approach and a different feel to it’s site. I found this comforting, knowing that multimedia sites could be different and unique, and yet present their information in the same fashion. I plan to see much more use of multimedia technologies in the future, and I plan to follow them very closely.




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