Web 2.0 and the Apocalypse

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Week #10

Title: In this post, I’ll be commenting on the post from http://www.richardmiller.com called “Web 2.0 and The Apocalypse; What the Terminator Has to Teach Us About Our Futureby Richard Miller

Comments: This article sparked some interest in me because I had only heard the term “web 2.0” once or twice, and had no real idea what the term referred to. The article itself didn’t illustrate what this term was, but instead reflected on whether this new technology was something that could initiate the apocalypse, or whether it was something that wasn’t as large of a threat. Miller’s post first talked about the language that those who believe in them use when they talk about society’s impending doom, which was very eye opening in of itself. He talks about the assumption among these believers that time is both linear and finite, and that this new technology would disrupt this motion of time. He uses the Terminator films and Skynet as an example of how these laws were broken in pursuit of the perfect machine. He does a much better job than I explaining, but the explanation is still a little difficult to follow. It’s clear that he believes that those from an older generation should help build up these new technologies, instead of condemning them like the Catholic church in the middle ages. An interesting topic, but a dense topic and a little hard to understand from the article.




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