Steps Towards Healing Through Avatars

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Week #11

Title: This post will be commenting on the article found on called “In Cybertherapy, Avatars Assist with Healing” by Benedict Carey

Comments: This subject made me feel a little better about the future of technology. This technology seems to be a great example of the good and moral use of new technology that is hitting the market. I was very surprised to find that there was no difference in improvement between those who had live therapy and those who had video therapy. This is a good sign that the technology has a lot of potential for helping people through their problems in a much more controlled environment, which would benefit not only the subject, but the therapist who is using this technology to help out their patient. My prediction is we’re going to see a lot more of this technology in the future, and not just in this limited field of psychology, but in many, many different fields across the world. As a student of new media, I plan to keep my eyes on these up and coming technologies, because I do not believe this is the one and only application of this technology.




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