Sumerian Tablets

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Week #11

Title: This post will be commenting on the article found on called “An Exhibition That Gets to the (Square) Root of Things” by Nicholas Wade

Comments: This article was just plain cool. To think that a technology so old such as cuneiform tablets have outlasted thousands of other cultures and their media technologies is really interesting. The math portion of the article wasn’t as interesting to me, but the medium of the tablet was what I found most interesting. It makes you wonder if the media and technologies that we depend on now for transferring data will be around in one hundred years. Will scientists find DVD’s of the Boondock Saints in a thousand years? As a student of new media, this is an event that should be paid attention to. One aspect of new technology we are going to have to pay attention to is the lifespan of the data that we’ll be saving, and whether we want that data to be alive for that long or not.




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