Learning Apps

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Week #11

Title: This post will be commenting on the news video from http://www.cbs.com called “Learning Apps” by CBS news.

Comments: This video was pretty neat. It does a really nice job of keeping the message objective. I expected it to have the anti-technology spin that most media provides for their audience. However, that wasn’t the case. It seems to me that these learning apps are working well, and I definitely expect to see more of it in the future. However, the issue of children spending too much time on the technology is a serious issue that needs to be tailored and controlled by the parents who are providing their children with this technology. Like the expert said, the technology itself is neither good nor bad. It’s how the technology is used which determines its effect on the people who use it, and the image it will have in the media. All important things to keep in mind as a student of new media.




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