Net Neutrality In Comcast Deal

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Week #12

Title: This post will be commenting on the article found on called “For NBC Sale, Tensions Rise in Washington” by Brian Stetler.

Comments: What hit me first after reading this article is how completely unaware of this issue I was before having read this. This seems to be a big move by Comcast to attempt to control the online t.v. media market. It alarms me that I knew nothing of this deal that is going on, and the changes in management that Comcast is trying to force upon NBC Universal. While I’m glad that it’s been posted to the New York Times website, I wonder if this slope of government intervention isn’t a slippery slope. They seem to be taking a large stake in what happens in this deal. While I do believe that regulation needs to occur from the government, I also believe there needs to be some pretty strict rules put into place before drastic action can be taken. In the future of net neutrality, we as students of new media need to decide what regulations are appropriate for the government to make, and what decisions should be left up to the companies themselves. We just don’t have enough previous cases to base our decisions on yet, but as more problems like these begin showing up changes will have to occur.




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