The Dangers of Photoshop

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Week #12

Title: This post will be commenting on the article found on called “L.A. Times Photographer Fired Over Altered Image” by Kenneth Irby

Comments: This was a nice glimpse into the competitive world of new media. I understand why the L.A. Times would fire someone who photo shopped their images. They have their integrity at stake with every article and photo that is published, and this photographer took advantage of that trust between the Times and his job. Even though his image was manipulated only slightly, and even though he had good intentions with his photo manipulation, it was still manipulation. Thousands of people would be viewing that picture, and taking it as the truth because they trust the L.A. Times. It’s a good reminder to the field of new media that truth cannot be modified when someone else has their integrity at stake. Not a bad thing to remember going into my college career.




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