“Man With a Movie Camera”

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Week #13

Title: This post will be commenting on the movie we watched in lab called “Man with a Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov

Comments: This movie was very strange, and I had some trouble making sense out of all of it until the end, when Vertov tied the theme of piece together. I hadn’t realized how pivotal this film was in the industry until actually seeing it myself. The fact that the only audio involved with the film was the score was really different from the films we’re all used to seeing now. One of the most fascinating parts of the film was the fact that this was the first of its kind to film the actual process. It covered all aspects of the movie industry, leaving nothing out. It seemed one of the goals was to reveal some of the magician behind the curtain that is the movie industry. This must have startled the first audiences to have seen all the work that goes into making a film, having never seen it before. It’s a brilliant idea in itself, because of the abstract idea of filming the movie that you’re making. This is a movie to be inspired by, as a new media student or any kind of film student at all. I tip my hat to Djiga Verov, and all he was able to accomplish.




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