Visual Grammar

Reading Comments

Week #13

Title: This post will be commenting on a post on the website called, created by Mark Dunkley

Comments: This site was really cool. It found a very creative way of teaching people how to use better grammar in their everyday lives. It’s actually a really good example of new media. Using the medium of the internet, the artist found a simple, funny, and creative way of spreading information, which in this case was how to correctly spell some tricky words. I can see it being successful because the information is presented in such a way that is creative and fun, and grabs your attention. All of what he does helps the reader make sense of what he is saying and trying to get across to you, and makes it easier to remember. As a new media student this is model for me to follow whenever I make something that I want people to enjoy reading. The website has created a grammar experience, not just a grammar website.




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