November 1

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #10

Outline: In today’s lecture, our professor Bill Kuykendall finished his two part lecture on the history of blogging. Here are my notes from the lecture (Journal for November 1.) In this lecture, Bill talked much more about how the technology was spread from the Eastern portion of the world where it originated to the Western hemisphere. He talked about the Jewish people and their diaspora, and their ability to survive under incredibly stressful situations, and how this aided them in spreading their religion around the world. He also mentioned the  Gutenburg press as a major innovation that aided the proliferation of the written text as a medium. He finished his lecture by linking the importance of media to modern day figures such as MLK and Ghandi.

Comments: This was a really neat lecture, and my favorite part was when Bill linked what he had been talking about with present day figures. I agree completely with the argument that media has influenced these modern day figures. Without the media to spread their message, Ghandi would never have spread his message of passive resistance. Without media, Martin Luther King couldn’t have inspired so many people to take the peaceful approach to segregation. Their power comes not just from their words, or their message, but from the ability to get their message out to the world. And they wouldn’t have that power without new media.

Is this theory important to us students of new media? Yes, entirely so! In this lecture, we’ve talked about how powerful the media can be to get a message out to people across the world. As we study new media, we need to understand that power, and keep that in mind as we start creating more and more media that can be shared with the world. The consequences of our actions are not always immediately apparent. But that power should not deter us from using it to do as much good as we can.




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