November 17 + 19

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #11

Outline: I’ve combined my posts on these lectures because for these lectures we watched the movie “The Cutting Edge.” Here are my notes for these lectures (Journal for November 17, Journal for November 19.) The movie was about the editing process that goes on during the movie making process. They talked about the history of editing, important figures in editing, how editing is done, the importance of editing in the movie process and the evolution of the importance over time, among with other factors that influenced the evolution of this field.

Comments: I found the movie fascinating. Like the creation of the mouse that we learned about in NMD 295, I knew practically nothing about this topic before it was presented in class. After seeing the film, however, I had a much deeper understanding of all the work that goes into making a movie. I found it very interesting how closely an editor works with the director, and how big of an effect that the editor has on how the movie turns out in the end. I would never have guessed they had such a large effect.

Though this is an important topic, it really holds more weight if this is the field of study that you’re going to choose as you progress through the new media program. It’s crucial that we all understand to some extent about the editing process, but to me this isn’t the most crucial issue to keep in mind as we continue our college career. Still, a very good and informative movie overall.




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