October 13

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #7

Outline: Today in class we had Velma Figgins come in and speak. She is the administrator for the program, and her job involves making sure that all of us new media students here at the University of Maine are taking all the classes we need to take in order to pass through the program. She came in and spoke to the class about required classes and suggested courses that we should take as second semester students in the new media program. She handed out forms with our required courses on it instead of us taking notes, so I have no notes on today’s lecture.

Comments: This was a very helpful class. I myself had always been a little confused as to what courses I would have to take in the future of my college career. Mrs. Figgins helped clear up that issue clearly and concisely. She admitted that she was new to the process they were using to determine what courses were required, but she sounded to me very informed and knowledgeable about the courses.

That was only part of why I liked this lecture, however. The other reason was I was encouraged to start thinking about what courses I would want to be taking in a year or two years time. It started me thinking on what I wanted to focus on in the broad field of new media. Learning about the requirements and what was available and the tracks that I could take opened my eyes up to the fact that I didn’t want to focus on just the video, or just the audio or visual components. I realized I wanted to take classes in all of the aspects of new media, and create things that would encompass all of these elements. This lecture got me thinking about pursuing the multimedia track of new media, and that made it a very interesting lecture.




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