October 18

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #8

Outline: In this class, our speaker was Mark Wellman who is the founder of Bangor Metro, along with a few other magazines like Maine Ahead and a Maine themed bridal magazine. My notes on the lecture are here Journal for October 18. He came in to speak today to show how we could apply what we’re learning in the new media program here at UMaine to the business world. He spoke about his career in advertising before going into the magazine business after moving to Maine. He emphasized the amount of work that it took to get these magazines up and running, but also on the benefit that it has to the community that you are writing for and for profits as well.

Comments: This was a really neat lecture, because Wellman wasn’t a teacher or a student here at the University of Maine, so he was a completely outside source. This is always a nice chance to see how we as new media majors could apply what we’re learning in the classroom to the outside world. It sounds pretty cheezy, but it’s true. Not only did he start his own business in the field of new media, but he worked in advertising for many years before he created the magazines he makes today. This gave him an interesting perspective of the business world, and of where new media could go in that field. All in all, he had a very unique perspective from his past experiences and the skills he has had to learn to get a job in our field of study. A really cool lecture. Both inspiring and informative.




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