October 20

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #8

Outline: Today in class Rapheal DiLuzio, a professor here at the University of Maine, gave the lecture about some of the emerging technologies that have been coming into the field of new media. He spoke on some of the art projects and installations that have been created around the world. His focus was very different from Mark Wellman’s lecture. DiLuzio spoke about using our skills learned in the new media program to create artistic and inspirational pieces of art rather than simply using our skills to make money.

Comments: This was a very different viewpoint that the lectures we’ve had previously, and I found it really interesting. To me, making money after I leave college is paramount. All of the bills need to paid off somehow, right? DiLuzio argued that that is one potential route that you can take, but another is to use your skills to make thought provoking and artistic creations that bring the attention of the world on some subject that you think is important. The money comes from creating this art for those who want to get their message known and out into the world, using us as a medium. I love this idea, because it appeals to me much more than sitting behind a desk creating web sites for some company that I have no personal attachment to. When you make something for a cause you understand and believe in, the result is drastically better and worthier of much higher praise. This concept makes a lot of sense to me in a theoretical sense, though it sounds a lot more difficult to actually accomplish in the real world.




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