October 22

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #8

Outline: In today’s lecture, Rapheal DiLuzio spoke with us again about some of the emerging technologies that have been utilized by artists in the field of new media to create art that inspires and presents a message to the viewers. He also showed us some of the projects that he had been working on with some colleagues. These projects included a social networking site similar to Facebook, but with a focus on video sharing and commenting rather than just the usual social focus. He asked us not to take notes again for this lecture as well, so I have no outside notes to include for this post.

Comments: His message was very similar to the one he had before, which I wrote on in my previous post (see below for link.) For those of you who missed my last post, Rapheal spoke about other ways to utilize the skills that we build in the new media program other than just getting a menial web design job at a law firm. I really enjoyed the message that he shared with us then, and I enjoyed this one as well. One project he showed us an art installation that used projectors to create different effects on the face of a building. I thought the idea was cool, but I had trouble seeing what point it was making in it’s creation. It seemed to against his whole argument that he had been working on for two lectures now.

No doubt both of these lectures were important for us to hear, and definitely showed us a new view on our skills and abilities as new media majors. I am very glad I was able to witness them, and look forward to hearing more from Rapheal DiLuzio in the future.




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