October 25

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #9

Outline: Today in class, our instructor Bill Kuykendall gave the lecture on the history of blogging in a slide show presentation format. Here are my notes from today’s lecture Journal for October 25. His focus on this portion of the lecture was the dawn of typing and writing, which began way back in the early century’s of human civilization. Writing and other forms of visual communication originated in the Eastern portion of the world, and was the dawn of the written word for the west. The rest of the points can be seen in my notes linked above.

Comments: I found this a really interesting look at where our technology originated. And by technology, I mean the written word. I had already accrued some knowledge about this field of study from my world history class in high school, but I had never gotten this information with the focus of new media technology before. That aspect was fresh and new to me, and I found that very interesting indeed. The information was good, and the lecture, while a little dull at times, was very clear and concise. That always makes it easier for me to concentrate, so that was a nice touch.

As new media students, what could we take away from this lecture? Quite a bit, actually. It is always important to know your roots, in any situation, and the field of new media is not exception. We might not be history majors, but that is no excuse for us not understanding where the roots of our field lie. If we’re going to create the future, it will go much easier for us if we understand the past first. A very interesting lecture, and a nice segue into part two of this lecture.




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