October 27

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #9

Outline: Today in class, Micheal Grillo came in and spoke with us about what we define new media to be, and where it has evolved from the past to the present. Here are my notes on the lecture (Journal for October 27.) It had a very similar theme to the previous lecture’s theme, and talked about some of the same key points as Bill’s lecture. Regardless, the information was different, and the focus was very much on the technological innovations that brought about changes in the field of new media. One of the mediums that Grillo focused heavily on was painting, and how painting was a medium used for thousands of years to illustrate values and ideas that were important to the age. The church was the main controller of the messages that were created by artists, and influenced Western technology and media for a long time.

Comments: This lecture was really cool, and I especially liked Grillo’s style of lecturing. He had a very crisp and precise manner of speaking that made his lectures very interesting to listen to, even if the information itself was a little boring. The links he made between the church and the evolution of the technology of the medium of paint was really cool as well. One thing I wondered was how long it took him to compile all of the information that he shared with us. It must have taken years of study and research to get to the point where he could comfortably lecture in front of a class about this subject. Very impressive all around.

Was this lecture’s material important to the field of new media? Without a doubt yes! Like the previous lecture, we learned more about the roots of new media, and as I mentioned before, I think it’s very important to know the roots of whatever you’re a part of. A very good lecture, and a good segue into Grillo’s second lecture on the evolution of new media technology through the middle ages.




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