October 29

Lecture Notes and Comments

Week #9

Outline: For today’s class, we had Micheal Grillo come back and speak more on how the evolution of new media technology was very much affected by social concerns outside of the field of new media. Here are my notes on today’s lecture (Journal for October 29.) Grillo changed his focus a little in this lecture to talk more about the social concerns that influenced the evolution of new media technology. The main social force that influenced nearly all new media evolution during the middle ages was the Catholic Church. He spoke at length about the creation of the printing press and movable type, and how slowly we moved out of this era of fear from the Church into a more enlightened period after the middle ages.

Comments: All in all, this was a good lecture with lots of background information and specific details that helped explain our origins. At this point however, I began to get a little tired of discussing only our past. I was waiting to see how all of this information we had been given this week linked to the present, and perhaps the future, of new media. Towards the end of the lecture, Grillo finally started making connections to the present and the future with the points that he was making, and for that I was grateful.

What, as a new media student, did I get out of this lecture? After hearing Micheal Grillo speak, I now have an even deeper understanding of the social impacts that affect the field of new media, and how drastic an effect they can have on the future of my field. This is incredibly important to understand as I continue to study and learn about his field, because when I go out and get my career in new media, I will understand that my work and my progress will be the culmination of the mold of society and the evolution that has occurred, plus any innovation I can create myself. This inspires me to push the limit, and break the mold. For if nobody does, no innovation will occur.




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